This article “Outsmarting Arc Flash” from ElectroIndustry Magazine discusses some of the dangers of Arc Flash , as well as, some of the steps one can take to help mitigate the risk and damage from an Arc Flash event. The author, Tim Ford, focuses on the two main factors that contribute to the dangers of an Arc Flash and the difficult job electrical engineers have in balancing protection and reliability.

This article does an especially good job at highlighting how hard it is to balance safety and reliability when working with mission critical applications. This focus on safety highlights the importance of establishing a rigorous Arc Flash Analysis program to ensure the highest level of life safety possible, while working within the restraints of a mission critical facility like a hospital or data center. You can learn more about Arc Flash Analysis by visiting our website. You can read the article by clicking Here.

You can read the whole publication by clicking Here. To learn more about ElectroIndustry Magazine please visit their Website.

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