Almost fifty years ago, capacitors became popular for Power Factor Correction due to their low relative cost. However, recently companies have experienced problems with their capacitors. In many cases entire facilities need to have their power factor corrected. The act of correcting power factor must be seamless and cause no disturbances or oscillations within the facility. PS&C’s Series SC, Synchronous Condenser, has been designed to do just that.

The first step in the updating process was to add a “modern” power factor controller to regulate the field of the synchronous machine. The controller allows the user to adjust the corrected Power Factor of his load between .8 lagging and .9 leading. Once set, the controller adjusts the field of the synchronous machine to maintain the load at the desired power factor. The Series SC maintains the power factor under all conditions up to the kVAR rating of the machine. If the demand exceeds the SC’s rating, the synchronous condenser changes to a constant kVAR mode, thus delivering the maximum correction available.

The Series SC employs the latest in PLC and detector technology to make the user’s interface simple and direct. A feature resulting from the use of a PLC is its ability to automatically restart itself after a power interruption. This feature helps to minimize the fifteen-minute peak power demand factor. The combination of modern technology and the rugged design of the machine insures that the Series SC will provide reliable Power Factor Correction for many years to come.

About PS&C

Power Systems & Controls is a world leader in power quality and power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading research and test laboratories, rail and sea mass transit, advanced manufacturing, and data centers. The company was founded in 1965 by CAT. Today the company is headquartered in Richmond, VA and supports the USG and DOD, Fortune 500, and many other international organizations on a wide range of applications. We don’t just solve power problems; we engineer power solutions.