Power Systems & Controls’ metal fabrication group within manufacturing has taken on the additional role to design and develop customized/modified Enclosures, Containers, and Shelters to house both our products, as well as, other power systems. PS&C feels this is a great avenue to support our current operations and products, but also has potential to expand into supporting tactical operations and D.O.D. efforts in the future. PS&C will initially only offer enclosures for our own systems; however, we are already in development of rapid deployment and tactical shelters.

PS&C will also focus on developing Expandable Shelters, Portable Data Centers, and Transportable Office Centers. According to PS&C Research & Development, “We feel that the demand for temporary shelters will only continue to grow and accelerate in the coming years. Therefore, we at Power Systems & Controls want to position ourselves to be the premier provider of these systems in the future for our growing network of customers and clients.”

PS&C has already begun to install the infrastructure necessary to support this new branch of operations. PS&C expanding the number of Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers on staff, but are also bringing on talented Structural Engineers with previous experience in the field. This way Power Systems can integrate their “know-how” with PS&C knowledge of power and electronics. Also new equipment is already being procured for future logistics and fabrication needs. Power Systems & Controls is excited about this new venture and will have more updates to announce in the upcoming months!

Power Systems & Controls has a state of the art production and test facility located in Richmond, VA allowing for easy access to Washington, DC and the east coast. PS&C has the unique ability to support both static (solid-state) and rotary (motor generator) UPS, frequency converter, and power conditioning requirements as we are one of the few companies in the world that manufactures both types of technology. Power Systems & Controls is an employee owned company and has a long history of successfully supporting mission critical applications across the world.

About PS&C

Power Systems & Controls is a world leader in power quality and power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading research and test laboratories, rail and sea mass transit, advanced manufacturing, and data centers. The company was founded in 1965 by CAT. Today the company is headquartered in Richmond, VA and supports the USG and DOD, Fortune 500, and many other international organizations on a wide range of applications. We don’t just solve power problems; we engineer power solutions.