Power Systems & Controls has come a long way since we first invented the Rotary UPS in the late 60’s; we still have the original patents to prove it. PS&C has taken great pride in our repeat customers especially those who have procured dozens of our systems over the years, such prestigious organizations as Motorola, IRS, CSX, and American Express – just to name a few. We feel this is tangible evidence that our UPS products, power quality services, and our commitment to fulfill our customers vital mission critical needs is beginning to take hold.

“While many of our competitors are going through traumatic change, PS&C is continuing our evolution as the premium supplier. The introduction of our Series XC UPS product line and the increased emphasis on customer satisfaction are just part of the process. We are also seeing healthy changes in our people due to the different programs we have implemented companywide to help support and focus on the customer. It’s really encouraging to have customers like Intel select PS&C as it reinforces our entire process and the company’s desire to excel. After all, our goal is to become recognized as the premier supplier of large scale UPS systems world-wide”. ~ Armistead Wellford, PS&C President

Power Systems & Controls has a state of the art production and test facility located in Richmond, VA allowing for easy access to Washington, DC and the east coast. PS&C has the unique ability to support both static (solid-state) and rotary (motor generator) UPS, frequency converter, and power conditioning requirements as we are one of the few companies in the world that manufactures both types of technology. Power Systems & Controls is an employee owned company and has a long history of successfully supporting mission critical applications across the world. PS&C – The Power Is On!

About PS&C

Power Systems & Controls is a world leader in power quality and power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading research and test laboratories, rail and sea mass transit, advanced manufacturing, and data centers. The company was founded in 1965 by CAT. Today the company is headquartered in Richmond, VA and supports the USG and DOD, Fortune 500, and many other international organizations on a range of applications. We don’t just solve power problems; we engineer power solutions.