A key reason for purchasing a Series SC Synchronous Condenser is to reduce the cost of power by reducing the user’s power factor. Unlike other methods and products available for power factor control, the Series SC is both automatic and seamless in its operation. The control logic automatically adjusts its VAR output to maintain the user’s power factor at the preset level. These changes occur without causing glitches or transients to the user’s power. Since its operation is totally without transients, it cannot upset any of the user’s critical operations.

Beyond the technology needed to accomplish its intended task, the Series SC has many user friendly enhancements. One feature available is the automatic restart after power loss. When a power outage occurs, the Series SC waits one minute beyond the return of utility voltage with acceptable tolerances. This waiting period delays the starting current beyond the start-up of other critical equipment. Ten seconds before the actual restart, the Series SC turns on its alarm to warn of an impending restart. If the utility voltage should fall out of acceptable limits during the restart, it waits another minute before attempting to restart a second time. If the unit is unable to start then, it turns on its alarm and ceases trying. At this point the utility fault is significant and repeated restart attempts are futile. After power is restored, the Series SC can then be started manually.

The PS&C Synchronous Condenser has a touch screen display and interface which are the latest in display and control technology. The controls are friendly and easily understood so that the user can control the unit from this panel. The touch screen will display voltage, current, power factor, and power information. Internally, it has several serial busses. These can be used to deliver data to the user’s monitoring system. Status and fault data, values of the voltages, currents, power factor, etc. are available.

About PS&C

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