Power Systems & Controls has made considerable changes to the design and function of our Series Sentry Battery Monitoring System, and therefore, we are happy to announce the new Sentry II Remote Battery Monitoring System. The Series Sentry II monitors your batteries to predict and prevent battery failure and support 24×7 operation of your critical equipment. The best way to ensure the integrity of your backup power system is battery maintenance, and a sound battery management program which identifies and predicts battery failure. The Series Sentry II Wireless Battery Monitoring System is the most advanced solution.

The Series Sentry II is designed to monitor all critical aspects of each sealed or wet cell battery in your string. In addition to monitoring and trending the individual cell measurements, the Sentry II will also track the overall string voltage and charging status, so you can monitor the internal resistance of each battery while under load. Battery manufacturers agree that internal resistance is the most effective factor for determining overall cell health and potential battery performance.

Each Sentry draws less than 10 milliamps of power. In addition to monitoring all critical battery status, PS&C has included a standard “Ground Fault Detection” and an optional “Hydrogen Detection”. The Series Sentry II central system software (loaded to any PC) can notify the user when corrective action is required. Power Systems & Controls is excited about this new leap in Remote Battery Management, and have orders already in place from pre-existing customers looking to upgrade!

About PS&C

Power Systems & Controls is a world leader in power quality and power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading research and test laboratories, rail and sea mass transit, advanced manufacturing, and data centers. The company was founded in 1965 by CAT. Today the company is headquartered in Richmond, VA and supports the USG and DOD, Fortune 500, and many other international organizations on a wide range of applications. We don’t just solve power problems; we engineer power solutions.