Frequency conversion is required when the voltage and frequency available does not match the equipment being powered. The most common frequencies are 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz with the less common being 25Hz and 100Hz. As the globalization of the world’s economy intensifies, the need for frequency converters is increasing. Multinationals from 60Hz countries are doing more business in 50Hz countries and vice-versa.

Utilizing experience in the 400Hz industry and from early main-frames, PS&C offers two technologies to solve this Power Conversion problem; static (solid state) frequency converters and rotary (Motor-Generator) frequency converters. There are several factors which will help identify which solution is right for your application. PS&C’s technically versed applications group will help you make the assessment required and select the best solution for the requirement.


  • A factory opens in China with American made manufacturing equipment (50/60Hz).
  • A small airport decides to add helicopter service and repair center (400Hz).
  • American manufacturer purchases machinery from European factory (50/60Hz).
  • A railway decides to increase the amount of track into new territories (100/25Hz).