We are Power Systems & Controls (PS&C), a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, and many other Power Conditioning products since 1965.  We also have developed a line of Enclosures and Shelters in our Richmond, VA factories. 

Power Systems and Controls power conditioning equipment includes Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, Frequency Converters, (rotary frequency converter and static frequency converter) Motor Generator Sets, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Regulation, and many other power systems.  

Frequency Converters:

Frequency converters are built in 2 basic forms; Rotary Frequency Converters, manufactured with the use of a Motor Generator and Solid State (Static) Frequency Converters manufactured with the use of semi-conductors and power stages.  The Rotary Frequency Converter is more brute force, while the Static Frequency Converter is designed for non industrial applications.  There are also other typologies to be considered when deciding on a Frequency Converter.  One factor is if you need the converter to also maintain power output when the utility is no longer available.  In this case, a converter will also be a UPS, called a Frequency Converter UPS.  If the Frequency Converter also needs to clean up a non stable input frequency like accepting a poor frequency range on the input and produce a stable output frequency and voltage, a Dynamic Frequency Regulator should be used.  This unit allows for a very unstable utility, while producing the required output.  

Uninterruptible Power Supply:

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has only one job; to keep the electricity on when the power goes out. When a power disturbance occurs, it is imperative that a Uninterruptible Power Supply is in working condition and in order to avoid an interruption in power.  The uninterruptible power supply will bridge the gap between the loss of utility and Emergency Generators. PS&C offers Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible power Supply, and Static Uninterruptible Power Supply systems giving our customers a choice. Almost every other uninterruptible power supply manufacturer can offer only one topology, which inherently takes your decision away.

Our Enclosure and Shelters include SCIF’s, Modular Office Space, Portable Data Centers, Modular Operations Center, Forced Entry Ballistic Reinforced (HATS Certified), Tempest & Hemp Structures and many other Modular, Tactical, Portable, and Scale-able systems.  


Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for the most covert clientele in the world, the U.S. Intelligence community. The sensitive compartmented information facility was designed to be an enclosed area that is used to process classified Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). SCI is classified information concerning intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes. PS&C’s portable Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) are tested, proven, and manufactured to the highest standards required by the USG.

Power Systems & Controls (PS&C) is very unique because we completely integrate our complex power quality systems into our Enclosures and shelters offering a finished product of the highest quality.

Our commitment to quality and our customers ensures we manufacture the highest quality products each and every time.