Power Systems & Controls is proud to announce a new international distributor located in Lagos, Nigeria. American Power Systems is a new player to the international power quality market as the company was just established last year. However, the company is composed of power quality experts who have decades of experience working in the industry. The company is led by Lawerance Wisehort who has already enjoyed success selling PS&C Products in Nigeria.

In 2010, he sold a series of 250kVA Hybrid Rotary UPS and Automatic Voltage Regulator systems to the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Series MC and Series GSR were utilized for both conditioning the power being fed to the bank from utility, as well as, to bridge the gap between the loss of utility and the diesel generator coming on-line if there is ever a power failure.

American Power Systems will be supporting projects that require Hybrid Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Static UPS, Flywheel UPS, Power Conditioners, Rotary Frequency Converters, Static Frequency Converters, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Regulators, Lighting Inverters, Surge Protection Devices, and Isolation Transformers. They will be supporting both government and corporate requirements and have the full support of Power Systems & Controls’ Engineering and Field Service divisions. We look forward to working with American Power Systems and are excited to further expand Power Systems & Controls’ international footprint.

About PS&C

Power Systems & Controls is a world leader in power quality and power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading research and test laboratories, rail and sea mass transit, advanced manufacturing, and data centers.

The company has a state of the art production and test facility located in Richmond, VA allowing for easy access to Washington, DC and the east coast. Today the company supports the USG and DOD, Fortune 500, and many other international organizations on a wide range of applications. We don’t just solve power problems; we engineer power solutions.