Batteryless Uninterruptible Power Supply:


Flywheel Batteryless Rotary UPS

The Series NB UPS is a Batteryless UPS that does not have a battery in the system. Power Systems & Controls' Series NB is a Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS) and a flywheel.  The Flywheel is actually a rotating battery.  This RUPS and flywheel provide the same proven power protection as our battery supported rotary UPS systems (Series MC and Series XC).  The Series NB battery has a flywheel extended power module. First, the flywheel converts rotational energy into mechanical energy.  Next, the energy is stored in the flywheel.  And then discharges the energy when the utility power fails. The PS&C Flywheel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply was developed to start the back-up engine generator and seamlessly provide continuous electrical power to the critical load. The Flywheel Rotary UPS comes in single modules, as well as, paralleled systems for complete N+X redundancy.



  • Flywheel Rotary Technology
  • 100% Electrical Isolation
  • No Battery Maintenance
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Integrated Quiet Design
  • High Speed Digital Controls
  • Versitile Communications Platform

The Series NB helps to guarantee the lowest possible power bill and the highest electrical power quality. It protects demanding electrical systems,  like variable speed motor drives, which other power conditioning technologies simply cannot handle. Sizes are available from 25 to 2500kVA.  If your backup requirement is longer than typically requested, Power Systems & Controls can parallel flywheel modules together to achieve the desired time. However, the quantity will have an impact on the UPS system's overall weight, dimensions, and cost.

The rotary UPS electrical isolation is derived from the motor generator.  in addition, the motor generator are distinctly separate with their own carefully grounded frames, which are tied together mechanically through precise coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate utility from the load.

Power Systems & Controls' Batteryless UPS set the standard.  Our customers  expect a world class flywheel system.  Out unit has a color touch screen display to illustrate all important functions and overall information. There are also numerous options for the "battery-less" UPS ranging from advanced remote communications/controls to customized NEMA enclosures and ISO containers for special applications.