American Microsystems, Inc. (Sold in 2000) selects PS&C in Idaho to support its data centers.  AMI is a custom microchip fabricator located in Pocatello, Idaho that produces many of its chips for the control systems of aircraft, like the new Boeing 777. Like other chip manufacturers, AMI was keenly aware
Skimp Maintenance
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Metro Bank
Metrobank in the Philippines has ordered 4 250kVA Series MC Hybrid Rotary UPS systems for their critical data center in Manila. The UPS systems are configured in two (N+1) redundant configurations. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) is one of the two largest private commercial/universal banks in the Philippines. It
The majority of Power Specialists' Inc. sales are the Washington, D.C. power line with companies such as Control Concepts, Itronics, Avtec Power Systems, etc. but they are working hard to make Power Systems & Controls a large part of their business. Power Specialists is the representative firm in southern California
Rotary MC UPS
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NASA KennedyCenter
McDonnell Douglas, NASA's prime contractor, awarded a million dollar subcontract to Power Systems & Controls in 1992 to provide all planning, design, testing, hardware, installation, and training necessary to insure an Uninterruptible Power Supply of power to the Space Station Processing Facility at Cape Canaveral. The SSOF will be a
Federal Reserve
Power Systems & Controls recently was  awarded a contract to supply the critical power backup needs for the Federal Reserve Bank of New Orleans. The bank, which handles billions of dollars daily, has been plagued by numerous power interruptions to its network of high speed computers. PS&C Series XC Rotary
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                                                                   Personal and unexpected attention always improves relationships and helps to create loyal customers. It is amazing how
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                                                                    The PS&C Service Division recently surveyed customers to get historical data concerning bearing failures. All customers
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NOVEMBER 1991                                                                     In the summer of 1991, Power Systems & Controls was presented with a unique