Power Systems & Control Company Profile

Since 1965 Power Systems & Controls Inc (PS&C), based in Virginia has established itself as one of the industry leaders in the design, manufacture, and servicing of power quality products around the world.  We utilize static, rotary, and hybrid topology in our product and service solutions.

Power Systems & Controls is regarded as an industry leader due to our experience, our dedication to provide a superior product, and our commitment to build strong relationships with those whom we work with.

PS&C is registered with the CCR/SAM and possesses both a cage and duns numbers. Power Systems & Controls has products installed throughout North America, as well as, over 150 countries around the world. We look forward to the opportunity to work with, and welcome you into the “PS&C Family” of satisfied customers & clients.

PS&C Engineering Capability

Power Systems & Controls focus has always, and will continue to be to nurture an environment of innovation and creativity. Our engineering department offers the highest level of knowledge, experience, and creativity in the industry. We have designed and provided products for Government, Non-Government, and International clients. We also have been tasked over the years with engineering power solutions for the world’s most complex power problems, and have a history of working with the Fortune 250, as well as, smaller but as important clients.

More than 25% of all employees are degreed engineers with our “Center for Excellence” in power quality products being located at our main factory in Richmond, VA.  Our engineering staff works with the latest technology available for the design and implementation of our products. PS&C is staffed with engineers in all areas of expertise required to complete the task, including Engineering Management professionals with extensive experience in technology organizations, as well as, companies in related fields. This combination provides the best blend of talent, education, and “know how” necessary to keep PS&C on the forefront.  Examples of our capabilities include steel structures that can withstand 5 G’s during Airlift transport to the design of the World’s most complex Motor Generator sets. There is no problem or challenge we cannot answer or overcome.

PS&C’s achievements such as a complex 8 MW “Ring Bus” designed and built in 1988, HEMP rated “HI-ISO” MG sets designed in 2002, the transformer-less IGBT/IGBT Static UPS executed in 2005, medium voltage Frequency Converters for the Missile Defense Agency, as well as, the Intelligent Micro Grid, both completed in 2010, are only a small glimpse of our companies capabilities and qualifications.


In 1982, Power System & Controls moved into its existing facility, a two-story building and adjoining manufacturing area. Today, this facility has more than 60,000 sq. ft. under roof with an additional 60,000 sq. ft. of secured assembly and holding areas. PS&C’ power service consists of a 1662kVA utility feed, and an independent 3MW generator plant. The utility service is coupled with necessary switchgear, load banks, and controls to fully test all PS&C products. For structural fabrication PS&C has overhead cranes and lift vehicles with a combined capacity of 45 tons. Our structural enclosure department works with state of the art CNC turret punch presses, as well as, advanced press brakes, shears, and welding equipment. Additionally, PS&C utilizes sheet metal nesting and CAD/CAM software to further integrate engineering and manufacturing, which in turn streamlines the overall production process. 

Service & Support

PS&C maintains an emergency service hot line 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the quickest response to any problem. Our team of field service engineers is among the best trained in the industry.  They are responsible for quality control and final test of every PS&C product before it reaches the customer.  This unique service structure results in faster production feedback and a more efficient start-up.

To ensure the reliability of PS&C equipment, we offer a variety of maintenance contracts, including preventive and full service.  Many of our customers have received more than fifteen years of reliable protection from PS&C equipment by simply having routine scheduled maintenance performed.  The high quality service offered by PS&C along with the long design life of all of its products helps ensure that our customers obtain the lowest total cost of ownership available in the industry.

Customers & Clients

PS&C has enjoyed over the years, strong relationships with the defense and intelligence communities, such as the D.O.D., N.S.A., Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. Additionally, we have personnel that have security clearance for the D.O.D. & State Department for projects that require classified status. PS&C has developed and manufactured, for the Department of State and other agencies, power systems for flight line, forward operating forces, and fixed installations. Furthermore, Power Systems & Controls has many Fortune 1000, 500, 100 clients due to our ability to provide innovative solutions for their most complex power problems. A representative list can be provided upon request.



Please contact PS&C for our Past Performance & Company literature. Additionally, references can be provided upon request for any kind of power application or project. However, please note that the majority of company literature is internally censured, until one decade after project completion. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we hold ourselves to the highest levels when it comes to our client’s privacy, security, and trust.


PS&C Products & Offerings

Frequency Converter Systems

  • Static Topology (Series SFC)
  • Rotary Topology (Series RFC)


UPS Systems

  • Static Topology (Series Continuum)
  • Rotary Hybrid Topology (Series XC & MC)
  • Flywheel Topology (Series NB)
  • Extended Power Modules (Series EPM)


Power Quality Systems

  • Dynamic Frequency Regulators (Series DFR)
  • Voltage Regulators (Series GSR)
  • Synchronous Condensers (Series SC)
  • Motor Generator Sets (Series IMG & SMG)
  • Lighting Inverters (Series LI)
  • Power Line Filters (Series PLF)
  • Isolation Transformers (Series DTS)


Power Control Systems

  • Battery Monitoring Systems (Series Sentry)
  • Remote Monitoring & Controls (Series RMC)
  • Maintenance Bypass Systems (Series MBP)


Enclosure & Complete Systems

  • Portable Storage Systems (Series PSS)
  • Portable Office Systems (Series POS)
  • Portable Latrine Systems (Series PLS)
  • Portable Hygiene Systems (Series PHS)
  • Portable Research Systems (Series PRS)
  • Portable Workshop Systems (Series PWS)
  • Portable Power Systems (Series PSS)
  • Portable Datacenter Systems (Series PDS)
  • Expandable Equipment Shelters (Series EES)



  • International & Domestic Groups
  • U.S. Government Clearances
  • Full product support
  • Infrared Scans
  • Power Quality Surveys
  • Arc Flash Evaluations
  • Vibration Analysis Studies
  • Lubrication Analysis
  • Blue Lining & Schematic Evaluations
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • General Electrical Work
  • Electrical Testing
  • Training



  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Innovation