10' - 20' - 40' & Stick Built

From temporary classroom needs to tactical operating centers (“in theater”), the demand for enclosures & shelters is increasing every day all around the world. As a result, PS&C custom builds and up-fits ISO containers every day with the logistics support required for today’s fast moving projects. Power Systems & Controls specializes in wide array of applications, and has the needed experience and "know how" to support our government, international, and non-government customers & clients.

Shelter Categories:

The following list of enclosures & shelters are categories for each group.

Data Centers:

Our Portable Data Centers are versatile with 3 options for cooling.  To this point, they are the #1 tactical data centers available in the market.  When combined with out Portable Power Centers and Portable Equipment Shelters, you can create an MTOC.

Equipment Shelters:

Portable Equipment Shelters refer to modular units that house UPS systems, Custom rack systems, or mission specific equipment.  These shelters have a wide array of options and build styles.  Therefore, our Portable Equipment Shelters are a "must have", if you are building a tactical antenna array.

Living Quarters:

Modular Shelter Solutions:

We offer products typically in a 20’ or 40’ footprint, as well as, 10' and custom stick built shelters.  PS&C will meet any required footprint or custom requirement, as needed. In other words, we can handle big projects or small because of our diverse Engineering Department, which allows us to also offer Design & Build services. Power Systems & Controls will fabricate shelters to meet a wide array of missions.  Although we have standard modules, we have included options like personnel windows, custom doors & hatches.  These options can be very complex, leading up to portable Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) systems.  For instance, these units meet TEMPEST and EMI/RFI requirements as set forth by the U.S. Intelligence community.  PS&C has a loyal USG and Fortune 500 customer base because we are committed to supporting the full life cycle of your shelter system, and making sure you and your project are successful.

Personnel Shelters:

Personnel Shelters are used for any personnel application where a desk and computer is needed.  Whether you need a 4 person station or a larger compliment of people, this is your answer.  These shelters can be put side by side for easy expand ability.

Secure Shelters: