Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Kitchen Facility (PKF) to provide professional and adequate kitchens to government and corporate entities that have to work in isolated and remote locations. The PKF was designed to meet the world’s growing demand for modular and portable food preparation solutions. PS&C portable kitchen facilities are tested, proven, and manufactured to feed anywhere from 10 – 500 personnel.

The Portable Kitchen Facility (PKF) is available in array of different sizes and configurations. The PKF is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint via our Engineering Department. The temperature within the shelter is controlled using forced air HAVC. PS&C offers two forms of the portable kitchen. First, is a “closed option” used for cooking food in remote locations and then transporting the food to a mess hall or dining facility. Second, is an “open option” which allows for food preparation, as well as, dispensing food as one side of the shelter folds/rolls open allowing for personnel to approach the kitchen facility directly much like a “Food Truck”. The first option is typically used for USG operations, while the latter is usually utilized for construction or other non-government sites.

The PKF is outfitted with the latest in cooking appliances and technology. Some of the standards cooking appliances that PS&C integrates into our portable kitchen facility includes: convection oven, cook griddle top, cooking stove, refrigerator, walk in freezer, smoke hood, sinks, dish washers, and counter space. The quantity and size of the cooking equipment depends on the floor plan selected, the ISO footprint preferred, and the customer’s specific application. For life safety, a fire suppression system is incorporated into the PKF in cases of emergency or User error. Additionally, the floor consists of interlocking rubber tiles, which are non-slip, easily cleanable, and stain resistant.

PS&C’s portable kitchen facilities are capable of being operated anywhere in the world as the equipment inside can run of 50Hz or 60Hz power through an automated frequency converter system. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ kitchen facilities, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.