As the world economy moves from being industrial and manufacturing oriented to communication and technologically focused, the role that data plays in the work place and around the world is growing every day. With words like “Cyber Dust” becoming a part of our vernacular, it is hard not to recognize the role and importance that Data Centers have in the world around us. Data Centers traditionally are facilities utilized to house computer and information systems; however, over the last decade there has been a huge shift from dedicated facilities to a more versatile solution such as stand alone or modular data center systems capable of being transported and deployed anywhere in the world.

PS&C Data Centers:

The two laws of Data that everyone should know are Moore’s Law (computing power doubles every 18 months) and Kryder’s Law (data storage doubles every 12 months). PS&C has taken these laws to heart as we understand the needs of data centers today will most likely not match the needs of tomorrow. Our portable data centers are the solution as a more flexible infrastructure is needed for this growing market. Currently there are PS&C portable data centers operating in over 20 different countries around the world.