Power is one the greatest discoveries in human history. The ability to create, control, and deliver power to critical installations is of the utmost importance to everyone from the facility manager responsible to the janitor who needs lights for work. However, some places around the world don’t have the infrastructure or stability to support these high-tech power intensive operations, which is why Power Systems & Controls offers a full line of power centers to help sure up any deficiencies. Whether it’s a need to generate power, distribute power, or an intelligent micro grid for alternative energy solutions; PS&C has a fully staffed Engineering Department to help find the optimal solution for your power issues.

PS&C Power Centers:

Portable power solutions are becoming more prevalent day after day, all around the world. For extreme conditions, heat-reducing solar netting and external thermal blankets can be deployed to gain further insulation efficiencies. Currently there are PS&C power centers deployed and operating on every continent except Antarctica.