Intelligent Micro Grid

Power Systems & Controls’ Intelligent Micro Grid utilizes a modular topology consisting of Tactical Deployable Monitoring Unit (TDMU) and single/multiple Tactical Deployable Power Unit/s (TDPU). The number of TDPU’s is dependent on the load requirement. The TDPU’s are building blocks; therefore, if more power is required just add another TDPU. The TDMU combines the TDPUs into one power source, which in turn supports the required load.

The TDMU is the “brain” of the Intelligent Micro Grid. The TDMU monitors and meets the load requirement by determining the best available power configuration as dictated by real time load data. The TDMU is completely programmable, user friendly and utilizes a color touch screen HMI. The TDMU has the capability to store multiple pre-configured load programs to execute at the push of a button and run commands from real time data. The TDMU is also designed to incorporate alternate energy sources, such as solar. The TDMU can prioritize the alternative energy sources, relative to the engine sources, so once again maximum energy efficiency can be experienced.

The TDMU maximizes all available power sources, whether combustion, solar, wind, or some other type of Alternative Energy Supply (AES). In the event a power source is requested to come online, but is found not to be available, the TDMU will select the next best option. In the event the TDMU cannot obtain the power requirement within normal operating parameters, the TDMU will then disregard the active alerts/alarms and make the selection based on a predetermined risk order. The decision is based on the intelligence of the TDMU’s  active alerts/alarms operating system. The TDMU’s main purpose is to maximize the available power, engine life and performance, minimize engine fuel consumption and wear, and make intelligent selections as the power requirements change in real time.

The TDPU and TDMU containers are self-contained and built to withstand harsh in-theater deployments. They are designed to be air flown and can be positioned via airlifts. The TDPU’s utilize special sand louvers and filters to keep micro particles from entering into the diesel engines air stream, thus increasing the engine’s life. External doors are not required, nor recommended, to be open when the engines are running. The exhaust of both the radiator and engine direct upwards so the surrounding dB level is greatly reduced.

Power Systems & Controls Intelligent Micro Grid utilizes a Plug & Play design for ease of connection and portability. All power connections between the TDPU and TDMU utilize identical connectors that cannot be interchanged into an incorrect plug; if it fits, then the connection is correct. All communication connections utilize the same topology as the load connections. This allows for the TDPU and TDMU to be connected, up and running, within 20 minutes from being positioned on-site. As each power connection is made, the TDMU will recognize the TDPU’s power capability and automatically make adjustments to the internal “brain” configuration. This prevents the TDMU from exceeding that particular TDPU’s power capabilities.

The Intelligent Micro Grid is available with SAT-COM capability. This option allows the system, with proper software and codes, to be accessed from a remote location anywhere in the world. The SAT-COM option has been tested by a USG threat assessment team. Their findings not only indicate a low-level risk to the system integrity when external influences were present, USG testers were also unable to compromise the power output of the Intelligent Micro Grid.