Power Systems & Controls FAQ

Q: How do I make contact with Power Systems & Controls?

A: You can Contact Us by phone or email us and someone will respond shortly.

Q: Do I have to purchase through a Distributor?

A: No

Q: Does PS&C Support the United States Government?

A: Yes, PS&C support the US Gov as well as many other industries

Q: Does PS&C Engineer the product in the US?

A: Yes, our Engineering Center of Excellence is located in Richmond VA.

Q: Does PS&C have rental equipment?

A: PS&C has a large amount of rental equipment located throughout the US

Q: Does PS&C service other manufacturers equipment? 

A: If PS&C has a value added to the product and or customer, we will offer services on non PS&C products

Q: Does PS&C offer training?

A: Yes PS&C offers training on PS&C products as well as other Power Products

Q: Does PS&C offer Maintenance Contacts?

A: Yes, PS&C will offer maintenance contracts on all PS&C products as well as other OEM products, if is makes sense to the customer.