We are proud to announce the first shipment of PS&C's Series PLF Power Line Filters. The Series PLF was designed to deliver clean isolated power into shielded spaces or areas that are not capable of housing tempest rated Motor Generator Sets. These filters range from 5 amps to 1200 amps in 2 to 5 wire versions; however, the 4 wire model is the most common. The Series PLF. are manufactured with inductive inputs and capacitive inputs depending upon the customers primary loads down-stream of the Power Line Filter.

The newest models are rated for 100dB from 14K to 10G with a maximum of 1% voltage drop at full load. The Power Line Filters are delivered with lifting eyes and legs for the larger units to ease installation. The case is made from 14 gauge cold rolled steel with an isolation bulkhead that has a separate compartment for ease of clean side connections. The Series PLF can be mounted in any geometry and we are excited to offer this new product line to our dedicated USG customers and clients.

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