Power Systems & Controls has been working with some of the leading flywheel manufacturers in the country for some time in incorporating this technology into our advanced UPS systems. Due to these efforts, PS&C is proud to announce the release of two new product lines. The Series EPM Extended Power Module is a standalone power module designed to replace or supplement batteries in a UPS system. It is an energy storage system that creates power by means of kinetic energy conversion rather than the chemical reaction process utilized in battery strings. PS&C's Flywheel technology is an extremely reliable source of emergency power developed to support the D.C. voltage long enough for the standby diesel generator to start and be transferred on line.

The rotating mass is driven by an induction motor through a variable frequency drive. The D.C. output is derived from a three phase synchronous output converted via a rectifier. As the standard construction is a two bearing, single shaft machine there is few serviceable components in the system; making maintenance requirements minimum. PS&C Series EPM combines the latest engineering methods with "Brute Force" technology. The extended power module offers the durability and rigidness of a battery without the maintenance required or the potential problems associated with them.

The second flywheel technological breakthrough was the Series NB - No Break Battery less Rotary UPS. The Series NB combines two proven power protection systems into one complete package. Standard systems are available up to 2,500kVA at voltages ranging from 208 to 13,800. The heart of the "No Break" system is the extended power module. The motor-generator, utilizing state-of-the-art mechanical energy storage, accepts raw electrical power from the normal power company and conditions it to computer grade electrical power. Should normal power fail, the Series NB will start the back-up engine generator and seamlessly provide continuous electrical power to the load.

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