Guardian Industries
Prompted by customer demand, Power Systems & Controls has introduced a new line of its successful Hybrid Rotary UPS products. The new line has been labeled the Series MC. The name "MC" is an extension of the Series XC line, which means a product for the twenty-first century. The Series MC is configured in two different packages. The 30, 50, 75kVA units are housed in a single package with the motor-generator (M-G) in a vertical arrangement. The larger kVA sizes of 100, 150, and 200 are also in a single package but its M-G is in a horizontal arrangement. It was one of these first horizontal Series MC units that captured the interest of a glass manufacturer in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Guardian Industries is one of the world's leading producers of glass for the automotive and construction industries. It has sixteen plants throughout the world and uses a "floating glass" method, in which molten glass "floats" on a pool of liquid tin and is drawn out as a continuous ribbon. It is during this phase of the process where it is critical to maintain electrical power by means of a UPS. Power interruptions cause the glass to cool prematurely causing a sticky mess, which is expensive to clean. More importantly, glass production is halted for as much as a full day - production that can never be recovered.

Guardian Industries had already been sold on using the dependable rotary type UPS for electric power backup. They installed their first PS&C Series XC UPS in their South America plant in the late 1980's. They became intrigued, however, when they were introduced to the single package Series MC Hybrid Rotary UPS, and decided it would be the ideal solution for their plant in DeWitt, Iowa. Multiple 150kVA Series MC units are currently being installed and are expected to be online in late March. This specific unit will have an added advantage of being linked via diagnostic computer and modem to PS&C's Field Service Department in Richmond, VA.

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