Idaho & Utah Rep
Mr. Ray Ward V.P. of Gruber Industries is our PS&C sales rep for Idaho & Utah. Gruber Industries has been associated with the UPS industry for the past ten years. Along with PS&C's Series XC and Power Conditioning systems they have also handled custom cabling and very small static UPS systems ranging from 200VA to 1kVA. Due to his degree in Engineering, Mr. Ward is highly qualified to handle the numerous technical seminars and presentations in which he is asked to participate. One such presentation was made to Alcatel, in Claremont, NC who had a need for a 500kVA UPS system with a 15 minute battery.

The initial presentation about the PS&C Series XC UPS was made to Alcatel by. Mr. Ward where he learned that Alcatel had a very critical fiber optics cable manufacturing process where even small millisecond interruptions of power cost them thousands of dollars in lost production. Mr. Ward presented our Hybrid Rotary UPS solution for its ability to supply continuous uninterrupted power and for its complete isolation traits to handle the high instances of lightning caused transients at the plant. It was also pointed out that the rugged design of the PS&C Series XC would fit into the harsh plant environment.  This order was awarded to PS&C because we were able to explain the technical advantages of PS&C's Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS early in the customer's review process.

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