Isolation Motor Generator:

Protecting equipment from Utility Power Disturbances

When we talk about electrical isolation, we are discussing the protection of the power that you feed your equipment with. The source or utility power is not always perfect, which we refer to as unstable power. An Isolation Motor Generator Set is a machine that will filter power by electrically isolating the input power from the output power via a mechanical connection. The Motor Generator is mechanically coupled via a coupling, which allows the utility to power the motor, which spins the generator to produce clean electrical power.

In addition to electrical isolation, the benefits include load harmonic absorption, producing a pure sinusoidal waveform, natural commutation, spike & sag mitigation, power anomalies, and 20+ year life. This includes. Electrical isolation is capable because the motor and generator are distinctly separate with their own carefully grounded frames, which are tied together mechanically through a precise coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate the utility from the load. Maintaining MG sets does not require complex maintenance programs. As a result, this provides superior reliability, power interruptions and a reduced cost of ownership.

A PS&C's Isolation Motor Generator Set is the perfect solution for power conditioning applications. The MG set is offered with basic, comprehensive, and PLC controls in addition to the simplistic construction, which makes servicing easy. The non-rotary alternatives to the MG set are Static Power Conditioners and Automatic Voltage Regulators.