PS&C 25 Year Anniversary
This year, Power Systems & Controls Inc. celebrates our 25th anniversary! This accomplishment in an ever changing power industry is due to several consistent factors throughout our history. First, the focus of the company has always been the customer’s need for reliable electrical power. Second, our employees’ commitment to the company’s #1 goal of customer satisfaction. With an average length of service of over 10 years, our employees are certainly qualified to supply and support PS&C’s Products and Services.  Last, but most importantly, our customers are the obvious reason for our success. One of the greatest benefits of longevity is the relationships developed with a customer over the years.

A prime example of this type of relationship is our ongoing affiliation with Motorola. Last summer, four PS&C's employees planned a short trip to the Grand Canyon and several days of sight-seeing in the beautiful city of Phoenix.  When Motorola's Western Area Computer Center (WACC) in Scottsdale, Arizona learned of their plans, they invited them to come by and tour the WACC facility.  All enjoyed their tour of WACC and found that facility truly beautiful.  The highlight of the tour was getting to meet everyone we work with in person and realizing that longevity builds relationships.

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