The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) headquartered in Bethesda, MD sells insurance policies exclusively through the use of 800# telephones and a network of computer work stations connected to a powerful mainframe computer. When computer power is interrupted, the business of insurance is interrupted. In early 1992, when GEICO planned a new "state of the art" computer center in Fredericksburg, VA, critical power protection was a vital component to these plans. Sam Torrence, Facility Manager at GEICO, recognized that "a reliable UPS system is like a power insurance policy". Sam, with his ten years' experience in working with UPS systems, concluded the best solution was a PS&C Hybrid Rotary UPS because it offered the highest level of reliability.

GEICO purchased 12 PS&C Series XC UPS systems, each with 15 minute battery backup. The project will be under the supervising eye of GHT Engineers of Arlington, VA. PS&C will interface its Hybrid Rotary UPS with other equipment that not only will form a fully compatible critical power system, but will also be networked with sophisticated central monitoring and control. Sam is looking forward to operating PS&C's machines at his new facility. The entire staff of PS&C looks forward to the challenge presented by GEICO to supply it with "power insurance" Power Systems & Controls mission is always to help, support, and satisfy our customers & clients.

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