Power Systems & Controls is proud to announce the Series IMG, Industrial Motor Generator, which will be available immediately. The industrial M-G set is the ideal answer for Industrial or Commercial customers who are experiencing power quality issues but cannot afford/need a full UPS system for their facility. The Series IMG is a large, robust piece of equipment, which is designed to support a large single piece of machinery or a whole facility, dependent on the application.

The Series IMG is available in the standard horizontal configuration; however, it is also available in a vertical configurations as well. Systems are offered up to the MVA level for low or medium voltage applications. Also the M-G is available in 600V and other international voltages. The rugged M-G Set can also be designed to tolerate a 40% drop from nominal input voltage for 30 seconds without affecting the load. Engineering has been working hard on this the last few months to meet the deadline, and all of us are excited about its future potential in the market.

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