The Series LCP is a Laser Communication Protection module developed by Power Systems & Controls. The Series LCP is utilized to protect communication between buildings and/or stations with not only surge protection, but also an "on-line" UPS system. This harsh environment unit has been designed in support of the "mission critical" USG or DOD customer.

PS&C's Series LCP can operate in the most remote locations in the world where the power can move around the single phase 120V numerous times within a hour. As an option, the Series LCP takes an input of (220-240) voltage at 50Hz or 60Hz power and will deliver clean isolated 120V, single phase, 50 or 60Hz output. The standard output is achieved via 3 hospital grade duplex outlets and an isolated ground. The unit further protects the load by means of an input TVSS for the power and Ethernet/phone.

PS&C also equips the Series LCP with the capability of "Hot Start" directly from the battery in order to give the user a few minutes of power when no source power is available. Power Systems & Controls is excited to offer this new system to our USG and DOD customers & clients.

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