At PS&C our goal has always been to build the most reliable UPS in the industry, and this we do with great pride. Our entire UPS package is robust and conservatively designed to easily deliver a long service life. An example of this longevity is seen at OkoniteOkonite, which is the largest independently owned producer of quality cables throughout the world, purchased a PS&C Hybrid Rotary UPS in 1970 when they moved into their new headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey.

Okonite's seven manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.S. produce high quality power and control cables for a wide range of industries, including: electric utilities, manufacturing, petrochemical, pulp & paper, railroads and transit systems. Many cables are designed for exclusive applications as diverse as underwater power transmission, deep well oil recovery and cables for x-ray and medical equipment. An IBM 4381 computer backed up by the PS&C Series XC UPS has responsibility for processing the incoming information from over 300 terminals located at these other Okonite plants and service centers.

Mr. Bill Blowers, MIS Director at the Ramsey Facility said that Okonite has been very happy with their decision to purchase a PS&C UPS. He said that they are now on their third set of batteries but the UPS is still going strong, even outlasting the Okonite personnel who recommended its purchase in 1970. Even though they have retired, the PS&C UPS continues to deliver unsurpassed critical power protection.

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