The US Government and Egypt announced an agreement to sell 24 new build F-16s for the Egyptian Air Force. Financing for the sale is in place through the US FMS program. The United States agreed to sell Egypt $3.2 billion worth of new American weapons, including 24 F-16 Block 40 aircraft, 200 M-1A1 tanks and 32 Patriot missiles. Egypt would pay for the arms from the $1.2 billion a year it gets in US military aid.

Power Systems & Controls worked with Contrak International to win the project to provide Frequency Converters to power the twenty-four (24) F-16 fighter jets. The converters chosen were the Series RFC Rotary Frequency Converters. They will be installed in Cairo, Egypt. The Series RFC provides reliable power to the load while converting the input frequency. Output voltage and frequency are maintained within specifications by internal control logic. Under normal operation, the Series RFC acts as a rotating filter protecting the load from utility transients and brownouts. We are excited to work with Contrak International in supporting the Egyptian military's power quality needs now and into the future.

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