Rotary & Static Technology

Power Conditioning is the method of electrically cleaning the quality of power you receive from the utility or portable power. Power conditioners have become prevalent due to the ever expanding technological advancements brought upon by globalization. PS&C has multiple methods of dealing with bad or dirty power and our team of application Engineers will find the right solution.

Power Conditioning motor generators and automatic voltage regulators are the most common methods, however in some cases, isolation transformers and power filtering may be needed.  The two types of power conditioner topology is Rotary Motor Generator or Static Solid-State Motor Generato. For some critical power customers, 100% electrical isolation is the only solution.  Regardless of the problem our customer is experiencing, Power Systems & Controls has the right the solution for the described issue.  The following list of equipment are world class solutions utilizing both rotary and static solutions.

Power Conditioning Options:

Automatic Voltage Regulator
Industrial Motor Generator Set
Ride-Thru Motor Generator Set
Synchronous Motor Generator Set
Laser Communication Protection
Synchronous Condenser (Power Factor Correction)

Examples of power conditioning:

  • A factory with sensitive equipment and controls located on a noisy grid.
  • A power user with irreplaceable equipment that cannot handle power anomalies.
  • A plant with many types of process, causing internal problems to the power backbone.
  • A customer with multiple sub-cycle to 1 sec interruptions during a given time period.