Kennedy Space Center has been a long time customer of Power Systems & Controls. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has multiple PS&C Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS systems supporting their critical operations, which have been on-line for over 20 years. According to NASA, the Hybrid Rotary UPS systems have had less than 20 minutes of downtime for that whole 20 year duration. Again 20 minutes of downtime in 20 years!!! We are so proud of our UPS systems as these figures are unheard of in the power quality industry, which is why NASA asked PS&C to visit with them at KSC to discuss their future power quality needs and NASA’s long-term plans to help protect critical operations.

The John F. Kennedy Space Center is the United States rocket launch site that has been used for every NASA space flights since December 1968. Although such flights are currently in hiatus, KSC continues to manage and operate unmanned rocket launch facilities for the U.S. government's civilian space program. The KSC is at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located on Merritt Island, Florida.

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