Power Systems & Controls has embraced the new trend of fiber optics, and has started incorporating this exciting new technology into our power quality systems. The speed and flexibility in system communication permitted by fiber optics is truly amazing. This is why PS&C is offering two new models of our Series RMC, Remote Monitor & Control. The original version was only available in analog; however, we now offer a complete digital version, as well as, a fiber optic model.

The digital version is the same as the original analog version, except it utilizes digital meters. The fiber version is a fiber optic communicating unit with a touch screen interface based on a PLC platform to achieve the 100% electrical isolation required for the unit. This model will also collect and transmit full system telemetry back to the remote location for the diesel generator, UPS, AVR, fuel tank, pump, and breaker position as a minimum. This just goes to show the great things that can happen when you embrace change as new technologies appear to be emerging each and every day.

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