For the last few years, Power Systems & Controls had dedicated substantial Research & Development time and funding to the development of the Series GSR, Government Standard Automatic Voltage Regulator. The Series GSR is an extended range automatic voltage regulator designed to meet the high standards of the United States Government. It was put into development to meet a growing need by our USG customers and clients. Especially those customers stationed overseas where constant voltage deviations cause havoc on high-tech equipment and electronics.

The Series GSR is the most economical Power Conditioning solution available, and provides voltage sensitive load equipment with conditioned power that has been filtered for noise and adjusted for voltage. On a 480V system a 240V swing on the input will show up as less than a 50V change at the load. The Series GSR uses solid-state switches to select between seven (7) possible taps on the triple shielded isolation transformer. This switching takes place in less than a cycle. The system also provides protection from transient voltage spikes. It also comes complete with a system Maintenance Bypass Switch. Furthermore, the Series AVR has an array of options available to customize it to fit your specific application.

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