PS&C President & CEO Tom Delano has said, "This has been an important focus of our company ever since I joined in 1999. To achieve this goal, we brought in new talent from similar fields to bolster the efforts of our electrical engineering department in the design and implementation. I challenged them to create a competitive product, which will push the envelope long after being launched. I feel we have accomplished this goal, and am proud to announce this new chapter of our company's history." The first two power quality systems being released are the Series SFC, a Static Frequency Converter system, and the Series LPP, a Solid-State Portable Power module. A static (solid-state) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) line should be ready for release by next year. It has taken longer to develop due to the complex nature of its design.

The Series SFC is a static frequency converter designed for our corporate, government, and international customers. It is offered in a 6 or 12 pulse model, as well as, in a full IGBT system with the latest technology available. Currently the Series SFC is only available in a vertical configuration. The Series SFC is built on a dynamic platform, which is versatile enough to incorporate an IGBT topology for the rectifier or traditional semiconductors when the customer requires the 6, 12, or 24 pulse rectifier option.

This advancement in digital technology gives the PS&C inverter the robust output required by our customers and clients, while maintaining the precise output requirements. PS&C has decades invested in the development of power quality systems, and we always create the best solution for the application. With an incredible output range reaching farther, this machine will support equipment in the even the most extreme electrical conditions.

The Series LPP was developed as "Portable Power" for the secure community within the United SG. This harsh environment system has been designed in support of the "mission critical" customer for the immediate deployment efforts around the world. These units support the tactical deployment terms in the most remote locations, where the power is either poor or nonexistent. The Series LPP will accept voltage variations from 200 to 230VAC and frequency ranging from 30 to 70Hz to make it the perfect fix for power problems experienced in remote locations throughout the world.

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