Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, Inc. represents one of the most technologically advanced auto manufacturing facilities in the world.  It is designed to accommodate several car models intermixed on one assembly line. In 1985, when original construction began on the 2 million square foot facility, power protection was already part of the package.  Because of the enormous power requirements of the facility, two independent utility sources were utilized.  These were connected to an automatic transfer switch, which sensed when one utility service was bad and switched to the other service.

In November of 1987, 2 dozen PS&C Industrial Motor Generator units were installed to bridge the gap during operation of the transfer switch and to provide total electrical isolation from voltage variations and electrical disturbances (i.e. sags, brownouts, surges, etc.) on the normal utility source. The main function of the M-G sets was to provide clean, constant power to the computers controlling over 600 automated robots used at the facility to perform monotonous, cumbersome, and less desirable tasks.

According to Mr. Tom Hutson of Mitsubishi Plant Engineering, "partial interruptions are costly; therefore, the Series IMGmust stay up and provide a clean energy source." When asked if he would purchase another Series IMG Mr. Hutson said, "Yes, the quality of the output is the best, and I like the complete isolation of the outside energy source". The PS&C M-G is particularly well suited for this demanding application because of the nature of the other loads on the same service, i.e. welders, painters, conveyers, etc. which work together to create a hostile environment for sensitive computer equipment. The Series IMG takes the dirty power source and makes it clean - a perfect solution for any industrial operation that requires clean, dependable power for their critical operations".

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