Data Centers
In early 2000, when Power Systems & Controls first launched our complete Enclosure-Container-Shelter offering a focus was always on the development of a Portable Data Center that would fit in a 20' and/or 40' footprint. We felt that both our government and corporate customers would appreciate the flexibility offered by such a system, especially as the importance of data centers increases around the world.

PS&C is proud to announce that only after a few years we have realized such a system with our new line of portable data centers, including: Portable Reinforced Data Center (FEBR), Portable Secure Data Center, and our standard Portable Tactical Data Center. They come in a 20' container, 40' container, or stick built to specific specifications. According to Philip Heimrich in Engineering, "Portable data centers were a natural progression for Power Systems & Control as we have a complete line of UPS systems to support them and have been working withthe data center industry for decades. We look forward to this exciting new chapter in PS&C history"

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