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Power Systems & Controls is pleased to announce that Remax International, under Power Division, (Manila, Philippines) has been appointed full servicing distributor status for the Asian Pacific region. The expanded Remax/PS&C 10 year relationship will bring the same level of Field Service and support to our customers abroad as those in the United States.

During a recent visit to the Philippines by John Comstock, Vice President, and Wayne Chalkley, Director of Special Projects, all the needed work was completed to qualify the Remax organization as a servicing distributor. Remax will maintain full parts warehousing and a technical support center with factory trained technical personnel to support all PS&C Products in the Asian Pacific. John Comstock said "The professionalism and attention to detail needed to deliver the quality of service is evident in the people and facilities I have seen here.  I was extremely pleased with the warm reception I received and the obvious trust our customers have in the Remax organization".

PS&C has found that electrical power quality in the Asian Pacific is just as large of an issue as it is in the United States. Remax, like PS&C, comes from a background in computers and computer support.  Our companies understand the need for reliable, high quality electrical power. We feel that rotary Power Conditioning systems can meet the everyday challenges we found during our visit to the Philippines. The solutions range from complete UPS systems to Synchronous Condensers for Power Factor Correction.

The major challenge we see is to help our customers understand that the systems they use today have different electrical needs than the systems used in the past.  Today we see the same problems in high rise buildings and in the semi-conductor plant. These problems are not unique to the Philippines. We see these same issues in the U.S. and countries all over the world. Our work with electric companies in the U.S. has given PS&C the knowledge to solve issues that were once thought to be the power company’s problem. We feel that Remax and PS&C can help companies in the Philippines solve their problems in timely and cost effective ways.

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