Power Systems & Controls is a power quality company dedicated to bringing together innovation and creativity to perfect our power quality offerings. Over the last six months PS&C Engineering has been allocating their time and effort into perfecting the new "Ride-Thru" functions of our Series IMG and Series SMG motor generator sets.

The "Ride-Thru" integrates state-of-the-art controls, a single shaft motor-generator, and a mechanical flywheel into a Power Conditioning system that can deliver up to 5 seconds of Ride-Thru during an interruption of power. The typical induction-synchronous M-G system delivers this ride-thru with a maximum frequency drop at full load of no more than 57 on a 60Hz system.

For sensitive applications where tighter tolerances are required, the Series SMG is available with ride-thru. Systems with this innovative new feature are sized and customized to meet a wide range of customer driven application criteria. Systems are available in size ranges up to 2000kVA for low voltage and medium voltage applications. Also please consult our factory for 600V and other international voltages available. We are excited about this new feature and look forward to better serving our customers' requirements in the future.

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