Power Systems & Controls specializes in rotary (motor generator) uninterruptible power supply systems. A rotary uninterruptible power supply consists of a motor generator being incorporated into the overall UPS system’s primary power path. This allows for natural wave commutation and the best power quality possible being supplied to downstream loads. This has always been the definition of a rotary UPS; however, in recent years many companies have tried to manipulate this definition to meet their non-rotary UPS designs.

One such example are companies that claim a Flywheel power system combined with a static switch and solid state inverter constitutes a rotary UPS. They claim it constitutes a rotary UPS due to the rotational element of the flywheel. Unfortunately, this is at best a gross over simplification of “rotary” and at worst a misguided attempt to misconstrue and affiliate flywheel power supplies into a motor generator power conditioning protection system.

The flywheel converts rotational energy into mechanical energy, which is then stored to bridge the power gap should normal utility power fail. Flywheels are used in place of batteries for bridging the gap in power.