Not many companies can back their products for their entire lifetime. Especially when that product's lifetime can be in excess of 25 years. The high record of reliability (demonstrated at 20 years' worth of critical power sites) allows PS&C to offer a level of service unavailable anywhere else in the power conditioning business. PS&C offers its customers Full Service Maintenance contracts for as long as they own their PS&C system. A great example is State Employee's Credit Union (SECU) in Raleigh, North Carolina .

Since their 500kVA Hybrid Rotary UPS systems were put on line July 23, 1981, they have been under a full service maintenance contract with PS&C's Service Department. This includes all parts, labor, and expenses incurred by PS&C service personnel. This has allowed Mr. Jim Peterson (Vice President of Computer Operations) to know exactly what his power protection costs him every year. Mr. Peterson kindly states, "I sleep great at night knowing that my UPS is protected with its maintenance contract. I know that if anything were to happen...even if it were in the middle of the night...all I have to do is pick up the phone and someone is on the way."

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