The Series Continuum is the latest Solid-State power quality product from Power Systems & Controls. The Series Continuum is a static (solid-state) Uninterruptible Power Supply designed to handle the most critical loads in the most severe environments. This is the culmination of a two year research and development effort by PS&C Engineering to offer the best IGBT/IGBT transformer-less static UPS (SUPS) in the industry. We at PS&C truly feel the Series Continuum will reinvent the way all Solid-State UPS systems of the future will be constructed.

The Series Continuum UPS incorporates the latest technology in solid-state PWM inverter and PWM rectifier/charger controls combined with the use of an all IGBT topology for most efficient double conversion process. This advancement in digital technology gives the PS&C Continuum a great advantage over other typical UPS systems. We have not used older technology (Diodes & SCR's) on the front end in order to reduce cost. With an incredible input range reaching further, this UPS system will support equipment in the most extreme electrical conditions.

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