Synchronous Condenser
Power Systems & Controls has just added the Series SC Synchronous Condenser to our standard product line. The Series SC is a synchronous motor used to correct Power Factor, and will be offered in both low and medium voltages, in ratings from 100 kVAR to 8,000 kVAR.

The introduction of low cost variable frequency drives in manufacturing processes has greatly complicated the application of capacitors. Variable frequency drives draw current at the harmonics of the line frequency. These higher frequency currents can cause major problems with capacitor installations. Capacitors react differently as frequency changes. To compensate for these new problems, drive users are forced to add harmonic filters, series reactors, and other isolation devices to protect their process and power factor correction systems. Synchronous Condensers avoid frequency related problems associated with harmonic currents. An added benefit is the continuous regulation of power factor without bank switching as seen in capacitor banks. The synchronous condenser also acts to stabilize voltage and to improve voltage quality on installed electrical systems.

The Series SC is now available to our commercial customers with special conditions that warrant the use of rotary technology in finding a long term solution to their Power Factor Correction problems. The use of synchronous machines to correct power factor was very common until the late 1940's. It was then that capacitors assumed the majority of power factor correction applications. Today the need for high quality electrical power is again making synchronous machines attractive and needed.  Reliability, simplicity, and lack of interaction with other components and circuits within the user's facility are the features that make synchronous condensers today's smart choice.

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