Power Systems & Controls is pleased to add SGS THOMSON Microelectronics to our growing list of customers in the industrial and process industries. The need for clean Uninterruptible Power in manufacturing environments is becoming more common place. These customers selected Power Systems & Controls' Series XC Rotary UPS systems for the high reliability, isolation, and ability to service the diverse electrical requirements of manufacturing systems.

The SGS THOMSON story is typical of major international companies that are working hard to maintain their competitive edge. SGS THOMSON is an international semiconductor company and the leader in the rapidly growing small power circuit sector of the semiconductor market. They have gained its leadership position through its technological background, worldwide production resources and a broad product range.

Power Systems & Controls became involved earlier this year when SGS THOMSON started renovation of an existing Phoenix facility built several years ago. This facility is being updated to manufacture semiconductors with state-of-the-art manufacturing systems. As part of the modernization, a means of guaranteeing electrical power quality was needed. The semiconductor fabrication equipment could never be subjected to the potential problems of an unprotected utility network.

SGS THOMSON general contractor, Jacobs Sirrine, led by Mr. Donn Kong, was tasked with finding the right protection answer. Mr. Kong has previous experience with Power Systems & Controls and this experience made him feel that a Series XC Hybrid Rotary system was a strong contender for his customer. Mr. Bob Hay, PS&C's Western Regional Manager, was asked to present PS&C to SGS THOMSON. During the presentation, Mr. Matt Kohi, Site Manager, was very impressed with the history and development of the Series XC. He commented, "An important consideration in our decision was PS&C's successful operation of Rotary UPS systems all over the world, operating under much worse electrical conditions than we have here in the United States." In the past, SGS THOMSON has only used static UPS systems with varying levels of success. We are very pleased with SGS THOMSON selection of PS&C and look forward to a long relationship.

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