What is a Voltage Converter:

A voltage converter is a piece of specialized equipment, which converts the supply voltage into another voltage.  This is required because most equipment is manufactured to operate on a specific voltage and that is not available.  This is usually the case when equipment is used above and below the Canadian border.  Canada operates at 575 volts and North America operates at 480 volts. As an example how a converter would be needed is as follows.  A piece of equipment that is designed in the United States for 480V at 60Hz is relocated.  The new location is Canada, which is 575V at 60Hz.  Hence, the converter will need to change the voltage from 480V to 575V.

A voltage converter utilized to support heavy equipment should be specified to supply the actual power (Watts) used by said equipment. This data is displayed on the equipment's nameplate, which is usually attached to the front of the equipment. Equipment with heavy motor loads use more power and have a greater current inrush during start-up due to the inductive characteristics. Proper sizing is a necessity to ensure proper operation and equipment end of life.

Conversion Solutions: