Power conditioning systems from Power Systems & Controls are the perfect solution for industrial and commercial power users. Research shows that most power quality problems are the result of sags or power losses of a very short duration. Statistics indicate that each month, a typical user faces a 90% probability that their facility will experience a sag that will go below 80% of nominal. As for the threat of outages, the statistics are heavily weighted toward interruptions of 2 seconds or less. These interruptions effect manufacturing processes, which in turn can lead to diminished productivity, wasted materials, and costly cleanup of process lines and equipment.


  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Mission Critical Power Users
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Process Automation
  • Test Lab & Research Centers
  • Military Training Facilities


  • 2 & 4 Bearing Solutions
  • Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • Control & Fault Monitoring
  • 100% Electrical Isolation
  • Synchronous & Induction Motors

The “Ride-Thru” Motor Generator Sets integrate state-of-the-art controls, a single shaft motor generator and a mechanical flywheel into a power conditioning system that can deliver up to 5 seconds of “ride-thru” during an interruption of power. The typical M-G Set delivers this ride-thru with a maximum frequency drop at full load of no more than 57Hz on a 60Hz system.

For sensitive applications where tighter tolerances are required we have the Series SMG-RT, but for more economical projects we also have our Series IMG-RT. The SMG-RT has a synchronous motor while the IMG-RT has a cheaper induction motor. Ride-Thru Motor Generators are available in sizes ranging up to 2000kVA for low voltage applications; however, we also offer medium voltage solutions. Systems come in either horizontal or vertical configuration. Additionally, systems can be customized to meet any application requirements of the user from ride-thru capability to frequency tolerance.