Power Systems & Controls’ Series SMG has been designed to provide 100% electrical isolation for your downstream equipment as the Synchronous Motor Generator is mechanically coupled, but electrically isolated from the utility feeding your facility. It was developed to provide critical equipment with clean and conditioned power.  The inherent properties of the Synchronous M-G Set will also reduce voltage transients, protect against sag, reduce flicker, correct for rejected harmonics, stop electrical disturbances, create a perfect sine wave, and reduce the problems associated with harmonic distortion.


  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Lab & Research Equipment
  • Process Automation
  • Military Training Facilities
  • Medical (Hospitals & Labs)


  • 100% Conditioned Power
  • Eliminate Power Disturbances
  • 100% Electrical Isolation
  • Connected to Synchronous Power
  • 5 to 8 Cycles of “Ride-Thru” Time
  • Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • Long System EOL

PS&C’s Series SMG is a brushless synchronous motor and generator with a precision solid-state voltage regulator to maintain the voltage within (+/- .5%) of nominal. It also has PLC controls and internal fault monitors. A touchscreen interface simplifies all operator controls and gives the user complete control over the system. The Series SMG has electrically operated input and output circuit breakers, as well as, voltage and frequency detectors to protect the system against short-circuit or overload scenarios. The bearings are protected from over temperature by temperature detectors integrated into the SMG’s design.

The synchronous motor generator is of all steel construction and has anti-friction bearings throughout to help guarantee an end of life (EOL) of well over 20-30 years. Additionally, as an added benefit the Series SMG has inherent power factor correction. Power Systems & Controls can also offer “turnkey” installation for any project big or small anywhere in the world. There are numerous options that the SMG can be outfitted with ranging from remote communications to outdoor rated NEMA and larger ISO enclosures.