With so much electrical noise being created within and outside primary electrical systems, Power Systems & Controls developed the Series DTS Isolation Transformers.  These machines are designed as a Delta primary and Wye secondary transformer that derives the neutral in support of clean, isolated power feeding sensitive computer based equipment. They are designed to meet or exceed the most sensitive telecommunications standards in any country and any voltage under 600V. With multiple primary and secondary windings, they are capable of being tapped on both sides.  In addition, they come equipped with an electrostatic shield for improved noise attenuation, as well as, surge protection. They are capable of operation at both 50 and 60 Hertz with no drop in the capacity rating. The Series DTS transformers have all copper windings with 2 x 2.5% taps up and down from nominal.  The machines are built with high grade, low loss grain oriented silicon steel core for higher reliability and higher efficiency.  Although this transformer is a perfect tool for the USG, it has also been used in industrial & commercial industry, isolating communications and data center equipment.

Applications:K-13 Isolation Transformer

  • Critical Communications
  • US Government Applications
  • Custom Voltage Range


  • Copper Coils
  • M6 – Grain Oriented, Non Agin Silicon Steel
  • Self-Derived Neutral
  • Multiple taps for voltage adjustment
  • Long Life Design