Based on the original 5-50/60 open frame unit developed in 67′, the latest in the Power Systems & Controls isolation machines is the Series “GRF-IC”. The “IC” was introduced in 2007 during the Site II build-up which offers isolation in both directions. The Series GRF stands for Government Rotary Filter and is the ideal solution for USG critical power users. This latest version of the GRF is designed to provide the highest degree of electrical isolation between the utility bring supplied to the machine and the secure load connected to the output of the machine.

The Series GRF was developed for the intelligence community over 4 decades ago and the base fundamentals of isolation are still in place today. What makes this technology so impenetrable resides in the fact that it utilizes electrical isolation by means of physics and space separation. Physics is based on formulas and characteristics of materials that cannot be altered or changed, once in motion. This product is the weapon of choice for communication security and the platform is designed and tested in manageable sizes, required for transport and installation. Although the TEMPEST shielding is source protected, it is easily checked and repaired in the field, in the event this is required. Also 98% of the components in the Government Rotary Filter are CTOS products with limited digital controls, making this machine easy to service and work on.


  • U.S. Government
  • Department of Defense
  • U.S. State Department
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Research Laboratories
  • Test Laboratories
  • Military Training Facilities


  • MIL STD 461
  • MIL STD 188 125
  • Automatic Sub-Cycle Tap Switching
  • Eliminate Power Disturbances
  • Rotary Technology
  • Long Life Design