Power Systems & Controls’ Series TACPAK, is a lightweight and portable small-scale power conditioner. This small tactical power module is built to support “mission critical” loads up to 1100VA at 50Hz and 60Hz. The power filter is designed around USG specifications and makes use of the latest power components available at this weight class. The system is designed to fit into an FAA approved Hard Case to allow ease of transport and storage. The Series TACPAK is under 50 lbs, and can be utilized in any country in the world.

This small tactical power module is also manufactured for locations where the power is not available and there is a need to alternate power. The Series TACPAK 1000NHP features a 1kW gasoline engine, a fuel pump, hoses, gas can, a 500VA uninterruptible power supply, a power strip, and an extension cord. This unit will operate below 50dBA, and can power multiple laptops, hubs, and switches.


  • “Mission Critical” Power Users
  • Harsh Environments
  • USG, DOD, DOS, & IC


  • FAA Approved Hard Case
  • Full COMSEC Isolation
  • Small & Portable
  • 5 Minute Battery Backup
  • Multiple Outlets on Filter